Objective Field Analyzer (OFA®)

Objective perimetry has long been desired. Now, with more than 15 years research and over 20,000 exams performed, Konan will soon launch the objectiveFIELD analyzer (OFA).

Clinical Applications

Neurological disorders


objectiveFIELD is not FDA cleared for the specific diagnosis of any condition.

Clinical Benefits

100% objective (no button to push) = happier
patients and technicians while increasing utilization

Improve scheduling with short, predictable test
duration and very low re-test rate

Simultaneous bilateral exam

Easy to use & sanitize compared to leading bowl-
shaped subjective SAP devices


FDA 510(k) Cleared | CPT Code 92083
Other regulatory filings pending

The most widely disliked ophthalmic test has evolved.

The objectiveFIELD analyzer, the OFA, features a novel, multi-focal stimulus for objective visual field testing in which both eyes are tested simultaneously, without requiring the patient to press a response button.

Konan’s OFA is FDA 510(k) Cleared and CE mark activities have been initiated. More information is coming soon. Please click here to register your interest and join the OFA mailing list.

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Both eyes individually tested, at the same time

Using a combination of innovative hardware and software, each eye’s field of vision is optically separated to present clustered stimuli to each eye individually, interleaved, with non-overlapped timing while viewing with both eye - no eye is occluded. The scene magically appears to be binocular.

The OFA’s novel “dichoptic” patient view is comfortable and engaging with the test effortlessly completed in only minutes having discretely tested each eye’s visual field at the same time.

Konan’s novel, patented system also facilitates inter-eye comparisons simply not available with other devices, adding remarkable and valuable new clinical information.

Patients love the OFA.

Truly objective: no more patient response button. 

The objectiveFIELD analyzer uses pupil responses to assess the local sensitivities of the visual field.  Faster than any human hand, objectiveFIELD’s robust pupil  tracking records responses to a novel patented multifocal stimuli in microns and milli-seconds with the redundancy of both direct and consensual responses to the stimuli.  Each area is sampled rapidly, repeatedly during the test, with each sample containing multiple, discrete measures, all without lifting a finger.

The patient stays happily mesmerized watching the engaging light show and the test finishes in only minutes, without the frustration of uneasy button responses. Happy patient!  Moreover, the collected redundant objective data contributes to scant needs for repeat testing, with less than 1 in 220 tests requiring a repeat of 1 or 2 segments* (data on file), a big contrast to subjective visual field testing.

*Full threshold test time is generally fixed at ~ 7 mins (bilateral), divided into 9 segments. Individual segments can be repeated, if necessary.