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Practice-building diagnostics for eye care professionals.


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The Gold Standard, Redefined

Konan provides practice-building solutions for eye care professionals that strive to deliver the best possible healthcare with the high-tech experience expected by today's informed patients.

Virtually all major ophthalmic device, pharmaceutical companies, and many start-ups rely on Konan Medical for superior diagnostic devices with white-glove support for their clinical trials.

Many of world's finest Eye Banks utilize Konan's enhanced donor-cornea imaging systems, providing remarkable views of the endothelium, intrastromal structure, and the epithelium.

Need help commercializing a new ophthalmic device? Konan is an ISO 13485, FDA Registered, MDSAP Certified medical device manufacturer with in-house R&D and global distribution.


CellChek 20 & 20 PLUS

The Gold Standard, Redefined

Process bilateral exams with one touch in about 40 seconds

An Overview of Konan's Innovative Diagnostic Devices 

Visual Function Testing Beyond Black & White 

Konan Medical has a focus on novel, visual-function diagnostics that are primarily objective, and provide important insights into how the visual system is functioning beyond standard high-contrast visual acuity testing.

Specular Microscopy

Specular microscopy is an important safety endpoint for many FDA clinical trials to help understand and quantify affects of various pharmaceutical and surgical treatments to the cornea. In clinical practice, this can provide invaluable information as to the health of the cornea that may have been compromised and is not easily assessed by bio-microscopy. Changes to corneal endothelial density and morphology is often considered the "canary in the coal mine" for distress to the cornea.

Everything has been top notch thus far. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service throughout the process!
Cristos Ifantides, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor
Director, Ophthalmic Global Outreach
Department of Ophthalmology
University of Colorado/Denver Health