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Frequently Asked Questions

The objectiveFIELD Analyzer (OFA) uses multifocal pupillographic objective perimetry (mfPOP) to measure the direct and consensual pupillary responses to spatially resolved stimuli. mfPOP assesses both sensitivity and response time at each of the visual field locations in both eyes simultaneously. 

The 30-degree and 15-degree tests are both approximately 7 mins, for both eyes, simultaneously.

objectiveFIELD (OFA) is 100% objective and utilizes a dichoptic presentation stimulus. It is easy on patients and technicians because there is no button to push and both eyes are tested at the same time.

Responses are measured objectively using a patented “Clustered Volley”, multifocal pupillographic objective perimetry method (mfPOP). OFA stimuli covers more than 99% of the 30-2 retinal area, while SAP Goldman III stimuli only samples approximately 0.5% of the 30-2 area with the assumption that the remaining 99.5% of the non-sampled central area is well represented by the small stimuli.

No. There are no disposable parts. Similar to many diagnostic devices, the forehead rest can be sanitized in between patients using alcohol wipes.

The human interface design is designed for a wide range of human morphology.

OFA stimuli are designed to be less susceptible to refractive errors and lens brunescence than SAP. Trial lenses are provided in 3 diopter steps for larger refractive errors.


Fundamental MethodMultifocal pupillographic objective perimetry (mfPOP)
Intended Clinical Purpose and UseVisual field examination to measure visual field defects
Visual System StimulusPatented clustered volley, sparse, multifocal stimulus
Measurement TechnologyVideo camera based pupil measurement
Visual Function AssessmentRegression based multifocal analysis
Visual Field Defect AssessmentPopulation sample normal database comparison
Test Options30°, 24°, 15° tests
Trial Lenses+3D, -3D, +6D, -6D, +9D, -9D
Background Brightness10 cd/m2
RegulatoryFDA 510(k) Cleared K063310
Intended Purpose of Device & Indications for Use
This device is not intended to diagnose any disease. Use of the device in such a manner may result in misdiagnosis of serious pathologies. It is solely the physician’s or operator’s responsibility to interpret the test results.

The intended use of the device is to aid in the measurement of visual field abnormalities.

The device is intended for use by healthcare professionals or paraprofessionals in either a professional healthcare environment or other places where patients are present. 

objectiveFIELD should not be used to examine the following category of patients, this category may include, but not be limited to: patients with irregular shaped and stationary pupils; patients with Horner's syndrome or other disorders affecting pupil response; patients with unusually small pupils or patients treated by drugs that would affect the pupil reactivity.