Frequently Asked Questions &


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. CPT Code 95919 

Quantitative pupillometry with physician or other qualified health care professional interpretation and report, unilateral or bilateral.

In most, if not all states in the USA, yes. Many other countries also require or recommend pupillary testing.

Yes. Results are presented as the ‘RAPDx score’, which is an analog of the swinging flashlight method APD. With the flashlight this is quantified using neutral density filters. Note the RAPDx score is an order of magnitude more granular than ND quantified asymmetry, E.G. 0.37 (RAPDx score) vs 0.3 (NDF).

It does not. It means the pupillary reflex is symmetric, and could mean that both eyes or normal of both eyes are affected equally. It does however provide objective documentation that the APD was not missed. 

Maybe. It meets the criteria however please consult with your tax professional. 

It is quick and easy to sanitize using at 70% isopropyl alcohol and no additional cleaning is required specifically for COVID-19. There is an additional benefit in terms of greater distance from the patient compare to the singing flashlight test.


Fundamental Method
 Objective, automated, infrared pupillography
Testing Options 
RAPDx® test for RAPD Assessment
Low-High Test: Scotopic/Photopic pupil measurements + IPD
Analysis Area  
40.6 X 30.4 mm (viewable)
15.9 x 12.7 mm (analyzed)
Form Factor
Small desktop device or may be unmounted to use as hand-held for patients requiring accessibility and/or mobility assistance
Stimulator System
Array of white, red, and blue high brightness, high dynamic range LEDs
Imaging System
Binocular synchronized resolution NIR sensitive machine-vision cameras
Frame Rate
Up to 1280 x 960 pixels per eye
Eye tracking & Image Analysis
Real-time proprietary machine-vision algorithm detects pupil size, center, and location
Outlier & Blink Rejection
Automatic blink rejection and outlier analysis. Manual override available
Database & Storage
Patient Name, ID, DOB searchable database. 
Pupil recordings saved for playback
PDF to network printer
PDF to network EMR location
Windows 10 Pro 12.2” touch-screen convertible tablet PC with Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB Solid-State Storage
FDA Listed | Health Canada Licensed