OFA Fundamentals

Truly objective – no more patient response button. 

The objectiveFIELD analyzer uses pupil responses to assess the local sensitivities of the visual field.  Faster than any human hand, objectiveFIELD’s robust pupil  tracking records responses to a novel patented multifocal stimuli in microns and milli-seconds with the redundancy of both direct and

consensual responses to the stimuli. Each area is sampled rapidly, repeatedly during the test, with each sample containing multiple discrete measures, all without lifting a finger.

The patient stays happily mesmerized watching the engaging light show and the test finishes in only minutes,  without the frustration of uneasy button responses. Happy patient!  Moreover, the collected redundant objective data contributes to scant needs for repeat testing, with less than 1 in 220 tests requiring a repeat of 1 or 2 segments* (data on file), a big contrast to subjective visual field testing.

*Full threshold test time is generally fixed at ~ 7 mins (bilateral), divided into 9 segments. Individual segments can be repeated, if necessary.


Both eyes individually tested, at the same time.

Using a combination of innovative hardware and software, the objectiveFIELD analyzer tests each eye discretely, but at the same time by using a dichoptic optical system. Each eye is presented  with individual clusters of stimuli with non-overlapped timing. No longer does one eye get patched, a test run and then patch and repeat testing for fellow eye with  fatigue potentially  tainting the results of the second test. Konan’s novel, patented system also facilitates inter-eye comparisons simply not available with other devices, adding remarkable and valuable new clinical information.

Patients  love  the OFA.