Visual Function  Beyond Black & White

Konan Medical has a focus on novel, visual-function diagnostics that are primarily objective, and provide important insights into how the visual system is functioning beyond standard high-contrast visual acuity testing.


Objective Pupillometer

Checking pupils for RAPDs is an important part of the comprehensive eye exam, and is recommended in the AAO’s Preferred Practice Patterns® for POAG suspects and patients.

EyeKinetix utilizes video cameras under IR conditions to record the bilateral pupil reflexes to monocular visual stimuli as well as measuring scotopic & photopic pupil sizes.


ColorDx® CCT HD®

High Precision Color Vision Diagnostics

Color vision and contrast sensitivity are important functions of the visual system that can be affected by many diseases, disorders, drugs and common substances.

ColorDx cone contrast sensitivity testing may aid clinical decision making and help educate patients about the risks and consequences of their condition.



Hand-Held, Full-Field ERG

RETeval is efficient and intuitive to administer, requires minimal (if any) changes in workflow, and allows physicians to perform visual electrophysiology testing almost anywhere.

Utilizing a miniature integrated Ganzfeld with multiple flash and flicker protocols, RETeval provides an objective, robust assessment of retinal function.


objectiveFIELD TM

Objective Field Analyzer (OFATM)

Objective perimetry has long been desired. Now, with more than 12 years research and over 17,000 exams performed, Konan will soon launch the objectiveFIELD analyzer.


Specular Microscopy

Specular microscopy is an important safety endpoint for many FDA clinical trials to help understand and quantify affects of various pharmaceutical and surgical treatments to the cornea. In clinical practice, this can provide invaluable information as to the health of the cornea that may have been compromised and is not easily assessed by bio-microscopy. Changes to corneal endothelial density and morphology is often considered the "canary in the coal mine" for distress to the cornea.

CellChek® 20 is Now Available

High Precision Color Vision Diagnostics
The All New, Blazing Fast, Fully-Automated Specular Microscope

Process bilateral exams with one touch in under 40 seconds


CellChek SL | XL

New & Gently Used Gold Standard Specular Microscopes

Konan Medical sells new & gently used devices, for example; trade-show floor models, demo systems, or traded in for the newer models. All used devices come with a 1 year "same as new" warranty. Prices vary, subject to availability. Ask your sales rep for details or get in touch.